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Oba Kunta Octopus offers clients the rare opportunity to work with established professional editors and ghostwriters who will guide them through every step of the process to ensure that their book (and other communication project) is well written, meticulously edited, and published. At Oba Kunta Octopus, we specialize in Ghostwriting, Promotional Business writing, Memoir writing, Technical writing, Editing and proof-reading and Book publishing (eBook and printed book), including eBook conversion and self-publishing on POD).

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Memoir and Autobiography Ghostwriting

Our memoir ghostwriting services are designed to bring your unique story to life and ensure it’s widely available to all who want to read it. From the early planning phase to that rewarding moment when you crack open the first page of your book, we will be your dedicated ghostwriter, professional consultant, and publishing expert.

Personalized Ghostwriting Process

Writing your life story is one of the most personal and intimate undertakings in the literary world. No one knows your life better than you do, so transferring the richness of your lived experiences onto a printed page is no simple task. We want to know your triumphs, defeats, lessons learned, roads taken (or not taken), and all of the fine details that have gone into crafting the narrative of your life. We know this is a complex endeavor and we embrace the opportunity to get to know you and tell your story exactly how you want it to be told. Our team will work closely with you step-by-step through the entire process to ensure that your story is told the right way—your way.

Collaborative Ghostwriting Approach

While our ghostwriting services are comprehensive, you will still be closely involved in the writing process and have the final say on every facet of your memoir’s composition. While your ghostwriter will provide the words for your life’s experiences, you are the author of your life and book. The process involves a great deal of creative collaboration, but ultimately this will be your book. If you do not like it, neither do we, and we will revise the manuscript until you’re completely satisfied with it.

Our Memoir Ghostwriting Services Include:

  • Interviews and research to learn all about you and understand your story
  • Planning and outlining your book
  • Ghostwriting original content based on interviews or notes
  • Revisions to our writing per your feedback and guidance
  • Meticulous editing to ensure your text is free of error
  • Formatting and typesetting for Print-on-Demand or traditional publication
  • Literary agent search services
  • Publishing consultation for traditional publishers and self-publishers
  • Book cover design
  • Self-publishing services—we can handle the entire process for you
  • On-call availability to discuss your project and consult with you from beginning to end

Why Choose Us to Ghostwrite Your Memoir?

Choose Oba Kunta Octopus because your story deserves the best memoir ghostwriting service in the industry. Our firm offers you the rare opportunity to work with an industry renown editing and ghostwriting team that will guide you through every phase of the ghostwriting process. From the moment you first contact us, you will enjoy the highest level of professional service and dedication to quality. We will ensure that your story is well developed, beautifully written, and ultimately published.

Award-Winning & Bestselling Credentials

Our impressive client list includes authors, business executives, publishing houses, public figures, and people from all walks of life who have lived fascinating lives. We are a well-respected ghostwriting firm and many of our books have earned lucrative deals from major publishers. Whether through a print-on-demand (POD) press or traditional publishing house, our comprehensive memoir services guarantee that your life story will be published and widely available to your readers.

We Understand the Memoir Market

Memoir and autobiography are incredibly popular genres in the publishing industry today. A thorough knowledge of the industry is critically important in identifying the types of stories that are finding success in the literary world and the style in which these stories are being written. Our ghostwriters are not only spectacular writers but also voracious readers and industry experts who can advise you on the best approach for your memoir. We will write your book in a way that both reflects your personal style and connects with your target audience. One of the most difficult aspects of writing a memoir or autobiography is the ability to discern what experiences and events make for the strongest story. Not every detail of a person’s life ought to be included in their book. The best memoirs captivate readers through narrative force and a well developed story arc. Our ghostwriters will help to weave the seemingly unrelated moments of your life into a cohesive and compelling story that readers won’t want to put down.

Tell your story and win the world

Your story is a treasure. Barrack Obama's Dreams From My Father was written when he was a nobody yet it moved the world. Your story is unique.

Our comprehensive ghostwriting services will transform your story into the published book you’ve always wanted it to be.




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