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Oba Kunta Octopus offers clients the rare opportunity to work with established professional editors and ghostwriters who will guide them through every step of the process to ensure that their book (and other communication project) is well written, meticulously edited, and published. At Oba Kunta Octopus, we specialize in Ghostwriting, Promotional Business writing, Memoir writing, Technical writing, Editing and proof-reading and Book publishing (eBook and printed book), including eBook conversion and self-publishing on POD).

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Premium Business Book Ghostwriting Service

It's time you became a published author.

You are a medical doctor, a successful lawyer, a philanthropist, a healthcare worker or a development worker changing lives. Or you are an entrepreneur and a successful businessperson who has achieved countless professional goals over the course of your impressive career. You’re a professional who want to publish books to attract clients and establish themselves as experts in your field—but who lack the time and/or ability to actually write. You want to tell your story or memoir.

What’s stopping you from achieving this key professional milestone?

  • Too busy to write a book
  • Do you lack the necessary writing skills to make it a success?
  • Don't know where to start
  • Character development

Whatever the reason that’s been holding you back, we’re here to help you express your invaluable wisdom through a published book. We Bring Your Story to Life. Don’t let that bestselling book wither in the imaginative wasteland of unfulfilled ideas. We can develop your imaginative ideas into a compelling book. There is valuable knowledge to be gained from your experiences and you are finally ready to package your expertise into an authoritative book that will establish you as the foremost expert on your topic. Gain abundantly form our Personalized Ghostwriting service: we work with you one-on-one through every step of the process. This ia an all-Inclusiveghostwriting Package: research, planning, ghostwriting, editing, formatting, book cover design, and publishing services. Did you know the book market for insider insight on better business strategies is strong—people want to learn from your wealth of experience? Now you know.

Make your mark on the publishing industry and boost your professional stature by publishing your book!

All-Inclusive Ghostwriting Services with Flexible Options
We offer comprehensive services for each and every step of the writing, editing, and publishing process. We can develop your book based on notes about the basic concept, independent research, and/or through regular interviews and co-writing sessions—it’s entirely up to you how involved you wish to be in the process. Do you want to spend an hour a week? Two hours a month? Just let us know what works best for you and we’ll develop a plan that best suits your schedule. Our goal is to do whatever necessary to provide you with a compelling book that fully embodies your style and message.

Take the next step in establishing yourself as a business expert.

Company profile, Company Mission Statements, Business Plans, Ad copy, Short Product description etc

Business Books that Increase Revenue & Earn Respect
Elevate your professional status by becoming a published author
→ Fully Customized Book-Writing Process
Our personalized process ensures your message is well written and effective
→ Comprehensive Ghostwriting Services
All-inclusive services that include research, planning, writing, and publishing




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