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Oba Kunta Octopus offers clients the rare opportunity to work with established professional editors and ghostwriters who will guide them through every step of the process to ensure that their book (and other communication project) is well written, meticulously edited, and published. At Oba Kunta Octopus, we specialize in Ghostwriting, Promotional Business writing, Memoir writing, Technical writing, Editing and proof-reading and Book publishing (eBook and printed book), including eBook conversion and self-publishing on POD).

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Premium Article Writing Service For Business and Career Development

My complaint is that there are more books and news articles than there are primary scientific papers. I am probably the biggest critic of the hypesters, because it's dangerous when fields get overhyped.

Craig Venter

Whether you have expertise to share, a business to promote through SEO-targeted articles, or you’re at the “publish or perish” point in your career, we can develop highly effective original content supported by scholarly research. Simply provide us with the topic and goals for your content and we’ll research and develop a compelling and well-written article.

Our Specialties Include:

  • Business-related articles
  • Scholarly journal articles
  • Blogs and SEO articles

Original, Well Written, & Error-Free Articles

We guarantee that our content will be 100% original and free from spelling and grammatical errors. We can also format the article per any style or submission guidelines and adjust the tone of the writing to your preferred style, whether that be engaging, informative, scholarly, entertaining, persuasive, casual, or focused on marketing.

Academic and Scholarly Journal Articles

Our elite writers and scholars are available to write and edit articles that meet the highest standards of scholarly writing. With PhDs on staff, we have years of experience writing for journals and academic publications, and we know what it takes to develop content that is intellectually rigorous and well supported by research. We can conform the article to the formatting and citation requirements for any publication and ensure that your article is a meaningful contribution to your field.

Blogs and Web-Based Article Writing

In today’s business climate, it’s essential to maintain an active online presence, whether or not you run a web-based company. Blog posts and web-based articles are a means for customers and clients to find you, to get a sense of your company’s style and culture, and for you to build trust and rapport with your audience. Our SEO-targeted blogs and articles are written per your preferences and will be optimized to improve your online visibility.

Business Article Writing

Whether you’re looking to provide detailed white papers to potential clients or submit an article to a trade journal that showcases your expertise, we can help you organize and deliver your ideas effectively. If you’re like many business experts, you’re more than comfortable delivering a stellar speech or presenting a pitch with the utmost persuasiveness, but you get stuck when it comes to translating your knowledge into the written word. Our writers and editors are trained in business writing and we can support you with your content from beginning to end, from concept to completion.

Research Services

Research is often the most time-consuming and tedious aspect of writing any article, no matter how familiar you may be with the subject matter. Lucky for you, we’re experts at it! Our elite team can gather high-quality scholarly sources for your article and ensure that your citations meet even the most stringent style manuals. It’s up to you what happens next—we can provide you with the research, or you can sit back and let us convert that research into well-written content.

Premium Articles for Businesses, Scholars, and Websites
Our PhD-level research writers can develop high-level content on a wide range of topics
→ 100%-Original Content
Compelling articles supported by scholarly research
→ Customized Ghostwriting Service
Articles written per your exact requirements or guidelines 




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