Why Oba Kunta?

Oba Kunta Octopus offers clients the rare opportunity to work with established professional editors and ghostwriters who will guide them through every step of the process to ensure that their book (and other communication project) is well written, meticulously edited, and published. At Oba Kunta Octopus, we specialize in Ghostwriting, Promotional Business writing, Memoir writing, Technical writing, Editing and proof-reading and Book publishing (eBook and printed book), including eBook conversion and self-publishing on POD).

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Web Content Writing

Oba Kunta Octopus writes professional website content that motivates your readers to take action. Whether you are selling a product or a service, you want website content that educates your visitors, explains the benefits of your products and services, and guides them through the checkout process.

Ultimately, you want sales, lots of sales. You want to increase your bottom line. And you want to impress your CEO (or yourself if you’re the boss). But first you need website content writing services by Oba Kunta. Here’s why.

We get to know you

Knowing you, your organization, your core objectives, and your overall goals are the most important aspects to writing great website content. Oba Kunta will interview you and all your subject matter experts in order to write compelling content that moves mountains (or your sales figures). And the more we get to know you and your team, the more ideas we can generate to help you reach your goals. Then we get to know your audience.

We seriously get to know your audience

After we get to know you, we want to learn about your audience. Whether you have one specific audience you cater to or you offer your products and services to dozens of audiences, Oba Kunta will get to know each of them. The more we know about your audience such as what they like, what they don’t like, their personality traits, their buying habits, whether they are repeat customers or new customers, and their specific interests, the more sales you can generate from your website content.

Need one page or a thousand?

Whether you need one page of solid website content written to compel your audience or you need a thousand, or somewhere in between, Oba Kunta can deliver. You’ll get the quality you want and the results you deserve. Some clients just need a landing page with professional copy writing so stellar, clients themselves begin purchasing their own products and services. Well, they don’t take it that far, but our website content writing services make our clients happy, really happy.

Want your website content optimized for search engines?

We do that too. We can carefully analyze your current website rankings in Google and then write compelling content that utilizes your most productive keywords. Better content, optimized for search engines, and written to motivate your audience is a powerful combination of talent. Oba Kunta can deliver. Let us show Google how important your content is and watch your rankings climb to the top.

We’re ready to write all your website content.

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Let’s start a conversation today. Get ready to see results and enjoy the best website content ever written for your organization!