Why Oba Kunta?

Oba Kunta Octopus offers clients the rare opportunity to work with established professional editors and ghostwriters who will guide them through every step of the process to ensure that their book (and other communication project) is well written, meticulously edited, and published. At Oba Kunta Octopus, we specialize in Ghostwriting, Promotional Business writing, Memoir writing, Technical writing, Editing and proof-reading and Book publishing (eBook and printed book), including eBook conversion and self-publishing on POD).

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Advertising Copy Writing Service

At Oba Kunta , we keep it real. Clarity in communication is about saying what you want to say, but doing it in a way your audience understands and can immediately relate to. It is not always about grammatically perfect, textbook language. It is more about using appropriate language that they can connect with.

Clarity in business writing is not a luxury

Sir Richard Branson, Founder, Virgin Group

What is copywriting?

Professional copywriting consists of the creative use of words to sell your products, promote your services and reinforce or alter consumer perceptions. It utilises powerful headlines and persuasive body copy to grab and maintain attention in order to win the hearts and minds of consumers and influence their buying decisions in your favour.

Our services include copywriting for all manner of purposes including:

  • Advertising
  • Websites and Webcasts
  • Corporate and Sales literature
  • Telemarketing scripts
  • Presentations
  • Packaging
  • Exhibition displays
  • Case studies
  • Newsletters
  • Online ad venues

Our Approach

At Oba Kunta Octopus, we keep it real. Clarity in communication is about saying what you want to say, but doing it in a way your audience understands and can immediately relate to. It is not always about grammatically perfect, textbook language. It is more about using appropriate language that they can connect with. Use of everyday English, in our view, gets to the point faster and reflects an approachable and friendly organisation. Use of common vernacular, analogies and even the odd cliche is appropriate and powerful in conveying thoughts, ideas and messages in a way that touches the consciousness of consumers.

Many corporations also fall into the trap of talking at people. They talk about their products and services from an internal perspective, assuming the audience will listen, rather than speaking in a way that creates a reason to listen and touches on the external perspective of consumers. We believe in talking to people, creating a dialogue and a connection with an audience which draws them in, interests them and gives them a reason to believe.

We also know that good copy gets read, but not necessarily straight away. There is a definite way in which people respond to communications which must also be considered. People will first quickly scan a communication, from an ad to a website, to see if the words grab them and if there is a strong enough reason to believe and read further. To ensure this, we create communications that quickly convey the main thrust of an offer through benefit based headlines, then utilise relevant sub-headings that lead from one point to another through intelligent, comprehensive copy in a clear and logical manner.

We also sustain their interest. There is little merit in telling an audience exactly what they expect to hear in an unimaginative way. There should always be an element of surprise and ideally a twist or payoff that rewards the reader for their time. This helps you make your first connection with your audience and differentiates your messages in the marketplace to ensure they are truly compelling.

Weaving Your Web

There is perhaps no area of copywriting today which is as critical to business success as the area of web copywriting. Or as specialised, for that matter, for it is an area which relies heavily on appropriate wording to ensure success.

At Oba Kunta , our dedicated web division ensures we have the web capabilities and know how to create high impact web copy that not only powerfully conveys your companys message but also makes it easier for consumers to find it on the Internet.

In addition to searching the HTML code behind your web pages, search engines now actually scan the text on your pages to determine your place in the search engine rankings. Which in turn determines your potential to gain business.

We can help you to optimise your site copy for search engines by selecting the right keywords and phrases for your web pages and crafting them into your web copy to ensure you get a higher search engine ranking without highly annoying your market or distracting them from the essence of your sales and marketing messages.

Press Releases

Press Releases can dramatically enhance your business and are the key to gaining the media attention. When reporters step in and highlight your business on the air or in print, it can have an astounding impact on profits.

There is something magical about press coverage that gains greater attention from the public than they pay to advertising. No doubt due to the public perception that the media is more informed, impartial and selective about the products they promote than a company might be in advertising their own products and services.

In order to gain this press coverage, you need to inform journalists about your company via Press Releases. However Press Releases have very specific mandatories that must be adhered to, which are totally different from any other form of business copywriting.

If it is not done right, your release will be trashed. If your hook is not strong enough, you will not catch their attention. If it sounds like an ad, they will notbe sold and it will not get published.

At Oba Kunta , we have vast experience in this specialised field to help you create Press Releases that will help you gain:

  • A strong referral from the media
  • Exposure as an expert in your field
  • Positive coverage for your business
  • Increased media presence resulting in increased sales
  • Open doors to other public relations activities
  • A prime spotlight in front of your customers

Not everyone is in the position to effectively use Press Releases. Oba Kunta can help you explore your media options to determine whether your business can benefit from using Press Releases in your marketing mix. We will then be glad to research the best angle for your business and write a professional release designed to grab the attention of reporters.

Advertising copy writing guaranteed to help you achieve results? Yep. Oba Kunta can do that. We do it every day. We help companies achieve a solid, consistent message that resonates with customers. And it’s guaranteed.

Why hire us to write your advertising copy?

Simply put: we know what it takes to achieve results. We write compelling, hand-crafted copy for highly successful clients every day. We help clients create a message that differentiates their products and services from any, and we mean any, leading competitor.

Compare our ad copywriting with your current campaign

We want you to compare us to your current ad copy writing. Run an A/B split test. Do a multivariate comparison. Test the headlines. Test the copy. Let the numbers prove that we are better, faster, and more successful and creating advertising copy that generates results.

Banner ads, print ads, magazine adsm you name it

Whatever type of ad you need copy for, Oba Kunta has done it. We write banner ad copy, print ad copy, magazine ad copy, sales sheet copy, just about anything you need. And we do it well.


We have talented designers ready to design your ad? Why not get everything done in one place? With Oba Kunta, you get the advertising copy writing, the ad design, and we’ll take it to the printer (if for print) or help you choose a marketing venue for displaying your ads.

→Captivate, educate, and motivate your visitors and customers with professional copy

The best website content best copy and website content does the following three things:

    →Captivates customers and visitors and makes them stop and read further.

    →Educates customers andvisitors about your business and your products and services.

    →Motivates visitors to take action by placing an order, asking for a quote, or simply getting in touch.




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